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What we're doing

We have formed The LifeGuard Group with the  intent to put people in a position to save the lives of those around them.  Millions are trapped in a place of exploitation simply because of a vulnerability in their life.  We have one passion and one goal that drives us daily, and this is to LOVE HARD!


The LifeGuard Group

The LifeGuard Group is made up of individuals that will combine their efforts and expertise to truly build a culture that will stand on guard for the lives of those who are drowning in the injustice, unfairness, and the difficulties that life has handed them.



Our family has and always will  be our number one passion!  When our family started 28 years ago we knew this was one thing we wanted to get right.  We watched those around us to learn the way to do it and the way not to do it.  Mistakes?  ABSOLUTELY!  But, by the grace of God we can say that we are proud of who our kids are and what they are accomplishing in life.  It was in this "venture" of family that we started the Building Winning Families Summit.  

Building Winning Families

Cason and Kara Hochhalter

Carson and Kara live in Great Falls, Montana.  Carson is an insurance agent with New York Life and Kara is completing her degree in Dental Hygiene.  They are also the Student Outreach Directors with The LifeGuard Group and are in the process of creating The LifeLine Project, a cutting edge school assembly program.  


Courtney Hochhalter

Courtney is an RN with Providence Health and Services.  She has always been an over-achiever and that has not changed.  Her compassion for people and her drive to help motivates her.  She is also very active in The LifeGuard Group.


Lacey Hochhalter

Lacey is a Junior at Southern Utah University.  She is a Javelin  and Shot Put thrower for Women's Track and Field team.  She is studying Child Development.  


Allison Hochhalter

Allison is a Sophomore at Spokane Falls Community College.  She is a Softball player for the Sasquatch and is studying Criminal Justice

Sasquatch Softball