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I am excited to introduce you to DUNAMIS SPORTS.  A sports outreach program that purposes to challenge athletes to use their “GOD GIVEN” gifts and talents to share their story of faith. 

Growing up in a predominantly Christian environment, I always wished that I had a talent that I could take “on stage” to express my faith in Jesus Christ.  I was an average singer, I could never find a band that wanted me, and I was terrified to speak in front of people.  Where I felt most comfortable was on the court and/or the athletic field. 

To help a young person understand that their talent is a gift of God and that the best way to thank Him for it is by using it to glorify him is the purpose of DUNAMIS!  The countries that we visit and the people that we compete against are spectators in their journey of faith.

Jesus told us that “they will know we are followers of Jesus Christ by the way we love one another.”  It implies that people are watching and learning.  Whether it be soccer, basketball, cheerleading, or baseball, the stage is theirs. 

Power, Strength, and Might

Lowell Hochhalter

Executive Director, DUNAMIS SPORTS

Two weeks later and I am still in shock… Unbelievable,Unexplainable, and Unimaginable. Three words that you could try to use to describe our trip to Nicaragua. Three words that also come nowhere close to describing that trip. There are no words that can describe our experience down there. It has taken me these past two weeks to even come back to reality.  -Vanessa

The spiritual aspect of the trip was the most amazing! If you would have told me that I was going to get baptized while in Nicaragua, I wouldn't have believed you! But God moves in some crazy ways, and that is what makes these kind of trips so amazing! You may have a plan of whats going to happen each day, but it never ends up like that cause God has a greater plan of what is going to happen instead! -Noah

To this day I still can’t even comprehend everything we got to experience and be a part of while down in Nicaragua. It truly is something I don't even know how to put into words. Each day something amazing happened that brought me closer in faith and not only that but little things that opened my heart and changed me to be a better person as well. -Fallyn



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